8 Reasons why Working from Home is great – or not

J-GMP Working from Home

As the Beast from the East made its way across West Yorkshire, I picked up my laptop and climbed the two flights of stairs to the global headquarters of J-GMP Consultancy (UK) Ltd. For the last couple of days, the advantages of working from home have definitely outweighed the disadvantages. Here are 8 reasons why working from home is great – and 8 reasons why it isn’t always like that.


1. You don’t have to go out in that

2. You have the office heater all to yourself

3. You can keep your slippers on

4. You don’t have to worry about how you’re going to get home

5. You can work with the cat on your knee

6. When you have a spare 5 minutes, you can order cat food

7. You don’t have to label your lunch – or make it the night before

8. You can organise your day so there’s time for other stuff

But it’s not all a bed of roses –


1. You can’t have a snow day

2. You have to make your own coffee – every time

3. No-one brings cake

4. You can’t whinge about the boss. Well, you can, but there’s no-one there to hear. Maybe that’s a good thing.

5. You spend your lunch break sorting the washing

6. Sometimes when you answer the phone, it turns out to be your Mum (who seems to think you’re retired and therefore free to chat)

7. You’re responsible for everything. VAT due? Yes, that’s you. Milk running low? Yes, you again.

8. Even with 6 inches of snow outside, the office is still open. No, wait, that’s a good thing!!

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