Flash bangs and curious cats – the joys of home working

So, what’s an average day at J-GMP like? I really don’t know. Every day’s different, with its own challenges and its own satisfactions.

Recently I decided to move my office to a different room in the house, as I needed more space. A simple task…

So, everything was OK until I started reconnecting the IT stuff. The I-Mac started up as normal but the desktop PC refused to play.

Being of an inquisitive nature, of course I took it apart. It was clearly the power supply unit. I delved in and found that the anti-surge fuse had blown. Simple – ordered one off e-bay and when it arrived I soldered it in place and confidently plugged it in to the mains. There was a loud bang and a bright flash – and a little smoke, and a funny smell. So it appears the original fuse blew for a reason…

I examined the circuit board and concluded I was out of my depth. Time to replace the power supply unit, fairly straightforward, only took 10 minutes and when I plugged it in it was perfect. Apart from not working. I checked the power cable and replaced the fuse, another simple job. And then – bet you didn’t see this coming – everything worked perfectly.

I’ve always believed every office should have a cat – mine is a tabby called Milly. She’s always interested in what I’m doing. Her favourite thing is to sit on the keyboard. She occasionally manages to type words and sometimes manages to enter websites. Her other love is appearing in video conferences – she always knows when I’m online and comes to join me.

We don’t offer a PC repair service, or cat training – but we are very experienced at network qualification. Call us on 07774354446, email us on contact@j-gmp.co.uk or contact us via our website www.j-gmp.co.uk.

Photo by Александар Цветановић from Pexels

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