J-GMP Hallowe'en'en

There will be someone, somewhere, right about now, suggesting that y’all should come to work dressed as ghosts, or zombies, or witches. And before you know where you are you’ll be expected to turn up in a Christmas jumper, or a festive onesie.

The question is – should you?

Of course you should – it’s a bit of fun, it breaks up the general boredom, there’s no harm in it. If you’re the boss it allows you to show your human side, have a laugh. It’s part of the social side of office life, like buying the buns on your birthday. On a not-so-trivial level, it really does matter.

BUT –  it’s just not very professional, is it? What if someone important turns up? What if there’s an emergency? (The fire alarm goes off, and 53 people in Santa suits spill out into the car park…). What if your job is customer facing, or requires you to leave the office? Or even if it doesn’t – it’s hard to have a serious phone call with the VP in Switzerland if your beard is tickling your nose. And probably there won’t be as much work done on dressy up day.

There are other considerations – have you ever tried to buy a fancy dress costume for a mature woman? Unless you want to turn up to work as a ‘sexy witch’ or a ‘sexy Santa’, you’re going to struggle to find something to wear. And a onesie just doesn’t work for everyone.

And there are bigger issues – what do you do if these festivals are not part of your cultural heritage, not something you believe in, or actively against your religion?

But making the decision to not dress up isn’t easy either. It marks you out. You’re not part of the team. You don’t have a sense of humour. You take the job too seriously. You’re boring.

What about compromise? Wear your normal office togs, with a Santa hat or devil horns that can be removed at a moment’s notice. You’ll look like you haven’t bothered to make any effort. Sitting on the fence. Neither one thing nor the other. Lacking in imagination.

Much also depends on where you are in the hierarchy. Office junior? Go for it – in fact people will be disappointed if you don’t.  Management? Well, no-one will say anything to your face if you don’t… but if you happen to turn up in a reindeer onesie you will go down in history.

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