Sunnier times ahead for cloud solutions?

There has been a reluctance to move to cloud-based solutions in the pharmaceutical industry. It’s time we caught up!

So, what are people worried about?
I don’t know where my data is!
This is like keeping cash under your mattress because the bank won’t say where they keep it. But if you go to withdraw cash from a bank they don’t say hang on while we find it! You can access your data in a fraction of a second pretty much from anywhere (depending on set-up).

What if the data centre (i.e. the cloud storage) has a major problem?
Your data may be stored in a variety of ways to ensure it is protected, it may be split across many disks and even several locations.

How do I know it is secure?
Most service providers undergo independent audits, part of which looks at the security of data, physical security is of a high standard and virtual security to access data meets rigorous standards.

What about data integrity?
The process used to store and retrieve data is no different to using a server with RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks) settings where data may be spread across several disks. Security is likely to be better than at most pharmaceutical companies both physically and virtually to ensure data is not compromised.

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